Weight Loss

Realizing The Importance Of Losing Excess Weight

healthy food eating habits
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Many people are suffering from obesity nowadays which is causing various problems in their life. Extra pounds of flab affects their physical appearance and reduces their self-confidence. They start putting themselves away from the outside world resulting in their social alienation. Not having friends to share their feelings and concerns with, makes them feel lonely and depressed. They would feel lethargic and lack energy. They would also face mobility limitations. The people will have decreased endurance while exerting physically. This would decrease their life’s quality. But the most threatening aspect of obesity is it can affect their healthy by giving rise to diseases like arteriosclerosis, hypertension, heart failure, heart attack, fatty liver or gallstones, diabetes, arthritis and sleep apnea. The people also face an increased risk of dying a premature death.


It is important to know what are the reasons that can cause a person to have more weight than required for a healthy life. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the major reasons. We drive to our office seated in a car and then spend long hours of work before the computer. After the end of our shift, we head back to our home and spend hours viewing the television and having tea and snacks. The same routine continues day after day. We simply do not devote enough time to having adequate amount of exercise for losing our extra flab, refreshing ourselves and keeping ourselves fit. The second major reason is our unhealthy food eating habits. We tend to eat such food items which have got excess fats.


If you are an individual who is having his weight on the higher side, you may develop some of the above mentioned diseases which can drastically affect your health. Also your weight issues can make you feel depressed, reduce your self-confidence and can result in your social alienation. To promote good health in you and for improving your physical appearance, you need to work for reducing your weight. For burning your excess fat, you need to focus on eating healthy food having less fat. Rather than having food in a single sitting, go for 5-6 small meals. This would help your body to release less insulin and keep your blood sugar steady. Also this would control your hunger. You should drink a lot of water. Avoid energy drinks and soda. While choosing a diet plan for yourself, do consult a dietitian as this would help you greatly.


Other than this, you should start exercising. But try to avoid exercising too much and too fast as this can cause you harm more harm than gain. It is better to seek a doctor’s advice in this regard and he can guide you on the kind of exercise you should begin with. Walking for 45 minutes in a day can be quite useful for you.


So be determined and make a diet and exercise plan for yourself, stick to it and the results will begin to show after some time. Even if you do not get the kind of results you expect, do not lose heart. Your persistence will pay off ultimately and the day will come when you will be able to shed your extra weight. Then you can breathe easier, move freely and feel no more heaviness. You will also look and feel good. You will experience the feeling of accomplishment and relief and your quality of life would also be improved.


To achieve this goal of losing extra flab from your body and to have a sound health, you ought to have a firm resolve. You should be willing to make the sacrifices in terms of foods and comforts and also be ready to make effort and the results will be there for you to see.


Disclaimer: The author’s views and opinions in this write-up are just for the sake of information and should not be considered as a medical advice. Any individual doing it will be doing on his or her own risk and we are not liable for it.

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