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The 5 Best Foods For Your Weight Loss Program

weight loss program
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You must be knowing that doing exercises can lead to weight loss. But even eating some foods can also bring the weight loss, you may not be aware of this. Sounds pretty interesting, isn’t it! But it is effective too. So try out these below listed foods and attain success in your weight loss program.


  • Green Tea

green tea
You must have heard people using green tea for its effectiveness in bringing weight loss, but you just listened to their talk and forgot it and never thought seriously about trying it yourself. Here are some benefits of green tea which would make you reconsider your decision. A steamy sip of green tea hydrates like water, fills up your belly and helps you in shedding pounds. The antioxidants in green tea will burn your fats and calories. According to a study, five cups in a day helped people lose twice as much weight and most of it around their middle.


  • Lentils

Who does not know about lentis? It is so common in homes. But you never thought about eating it more often as it has the power to bring up weight loss in you. Lentils provide satiating protein and fiber. A half cup of lentils provides 3.4 grams of resistant starch which is a healthy carbohydrate and it enhances your metabolism and causes your body’s fats to burn.


  • Broccoli


Many among you would be a fan of broccoli, trying it once in a while for satiating your taste buds. But you never knew it has a role in bringing weight loss. It can be cooked or eaten raw. This cruciferous veggie is quite known for its cancer-prevention properties. A serving of broccoli has got fiber which can fill your belly in less than 30 calories and thus help you in preventing weight problems.


  • Oranges


Who does not like oranges, a juicy fruit whose temptation is hard to resist? An orange just provides you with 59 calories which is not enough. But it contains significant amount of fiber. According to a study conducted by Australian researchers, it ranked highest among fruits that were put up by them on a list of 38 filling foods. As eating oranges makes you feel full, naturally you are going to eat less throughout the day.


  • Potatoes


Potatoes can bring weight loss, you can’t believe this but it is true. Though potatoes are high in carbohydrates, yet they are three times as filling as a slice of white bread. They top all the foods on the same fullness index as oranges. Potatoes are also rich in resistant starch which helps in burning the fat in your body.


I hope you would will find the knowledge about these foods to be quite useful in promoting weight loss in you.

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