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What Are The Possible Symptoms Of Liver Cancer?

symptoms of liver cancer
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When a normal cell in a liver starts behaving and appearing abnormally, it indicates the signs of liver cancer. Alcoholics and those suffering from Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are more vulnerable to this disease.Unfortunately, there are no signs to detect it at the early stages but when they do occur the symptoms may include:




It’s a condition where the skin and whites of the eye turn yellow. It occurs due to the buildup of Bilirubin (a yellow-orange substance in the blood) in the skin. Bilirubin is always present in the bloodstream. Liver flushes it out, once Bilirubin’s work is complete. If there is a tumor in the liver it loses the capacity to perform this function giving the body a yellowish image.


Unplanned Weight Loss


The rapid decline in weight within a span of few months is indicative of liver cancer. But weight loss may be caused due to many other factors; thus it should be evaluated thoroughly before reaching a conclusion.


Loss Of Appetite


Decrease frequency of eating and portion sizes are profound in liver cancer. Affected patients report of feeling full even after eating a very small meal. Again, loss of appetite occurs for many reasons hence needs through evaluation.


Abdominal Pain


Many patients have reported of pain, discomfort, and ache on the upper right side of the abdomen. It could be due to fluid buildup in the liver which in turn pressurizes the stomach or the tumor pressing some nerves within the region. In most cases, the pain intensifies after a meal.

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